Jameson Green is a regional ensemble of multi-talented musicians with years of experience performing for the tri-state area. Whether entertaining as a duo, trio, or quartet, Jameson Green delivers quality live music (covers and originals) that has culled a loyal following. Regardless of audience or genre, Jameson Green never fails to deliver the appropriate energy fit for all ages and occasions. A truly versatile band, Jameson Green occasionally showcases additional musicians enjoyed on the tri-state circuit.

BRET BEALE (bass and vocals)
Bret comes from musical pedigree, skilled on guitar, bass, and keys -- and his hair is invaluable.

ERIK RICHARDSON (vocals, keys, violin, guitar)
Erik is a seasoned musician who sonically shreds lead guitar and violin.

MARK STROH (drums)
When "Paul Rudd" isn't moonlighting as a male dancer, he shows up to smash the 4:4 buckets.

CHRIS MILLER (fanfare phenom)
Chris is an indispensable member of the band. He routinely just shows up and claps the loudest.

CHANTILLY JOE LAMB (guitar and vocals)
Also called "Freight Train," Joe is a beloved past member of Jameson Green who sadly was called back home.